Manchester City beat Arsenal in battle for Yan Couto

Manchester City beat Arsenal in battle for Yan Couto

  • April 28, 2022

Manchester City is reported to have succeeded in beating Arsenal in the competition for young Brazilian player, Yan Couto. The player is one of the champions of the Brazil U-17 national team until now. How did the story start?

1. Manchester City have agreed to a transfer fee of 6 million euros

Manchester City have won the competition with Arsenal for Yan Couto’s services in the summer transfer market. The transfer value of 6 million euros or equal to Rp. 91 billion is the value of the agreement between Manchester City and the club that Yan Couto is currently defending, Coritiba. However, Couto’s move to Manchester City was only carried out in June 2020 when he was 18 years old.

2. Yan Couto’s name is being targeted by big European clubs

The name Yan Couto has recently become the target of big European clubs, daftar judi online but only 2 clubs are really serious, namely Manchester City and Arsenal. Yan Couto is known by the nickname “New Dani Alves” because his typical game is known to be very similar to Dani Alves. After signing with Manchester City, Yan Couto did not even immediately enter the main team given the lack of experience at club level as well as the presence of Kyle Walker and Joao Cancelo in Manchester City’s main team.

On the other hand, Coritiba even admits that he likes that one of his players is finally being eyed by a club as big as Manchester City, considering that he is currently in a financial crisis.

3. Manchester City initially loaned Angelino to RB Leipzig

In the winter transfer market, Manchester City initially loaned Angelo to German club RB Leipzig. At that club, Angelino managed to appear about 5 times with 1 goal he scored in all legal competitions this season for a while. If his game at RB Leipzig looks good in every game, it is not impossible that RB Leipzig is willing to buy Angelino from Manchester City in the summer transfer market this season.

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4. Yan Couto in action with the Brazil U-17 national team

Yan Couto’s action with the Brazilian national team started first in the Brazil U-17 national team. Unmitigated, Yan Couto immediately brought his country to win the U-17 World Cup in 2019, which took place in his own country, Brazil, as the host. Brazil’s success as a champion is a plus for Yan Couto, moreover this is Yan Couto’s first title with the Brazilian national team.

Till now, Yan Couto has amassed a total of about 11 appearances with 0 goals for Brazil national team U-17 in all legal matches.

5. Yan Couto started his football profession at club level in 2019

As is known, the Coritiba club was the first professional club that Yan Couto defended in 2019 and at that time had never been demoted to a professional player. In the 2020 season, Yan Couto finally made his debut as a professional soccer player with Coritiba in place of Paranaense 1 by appearing about 1 time and 0 goals in all legal competitions. One of Yan Couto’s achievements together with Coritiba took place when his team successfully defeated Cianorte with a final score of 2-0 on 22 February 2020 yesterday.

Will Yan Couto be able to put his best foot forward after joining Manchester City?


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