Peel Completely Handicap Online Soccer Gambling

Peel Completely Handicap Online Soccer Gambling

  • April 28, 2022

Handicap, or handicap bets, or vooran bets, are often heard and are already familiar to Indonesian people. We often hear examples of its use, such as when team X competes against team Y where team X is given a voor of one ball and so on.

Handicap is a provision in the world of soccer gambling that absolutely bandar bola terpercaya must be known and understood by online soccer gambling players. Handicap is the most basic form and is the basis of online soccer betting. For this reason, if you want to bet on online soccer gambling games, it is very important for you to master these Handicap provisions.

Balance in a match can be achieved through Handicap
Handicap or abbreviated as HDP is voor/fur or market that is used to make a football match more even. HDP will provide relief in the form of goal points to teams who are in a disadvantageous position in a match from the aspect of team strength and team standings.

Handicaps are applied through decimal numbers or a combination of decimal numbers and whole numbers. This Handicap number will always be placed right next to the name of the team that will compete in accordance with the agreed Handicap value. To mark which team is in the winning position, red will be used for that team, while blue will be used for underdogs or teams who are less fortunate.

How to Read Handicaps
Of course, if you are a beginner soccer gambling player and still a layman, it will be very difficult to read the Handicap value because the Handicap writing is a combination of numbers such as or . However, this Handicap writing technique will always be the same for all online soccer bookies that apply in Indonesia. Here’s an explanation of how to read the market with actual value conversions:

0.0 market value 0.
0-0.5 market value ¼.
0.50 market value ½.
0.50-1 market value ¾.
1.0 market value 1.
1-1.5 market value 11/4.
1.50 market value 11/2.
1.5-2 market value 13/4.
2.0 market value 2.
and so on.
Here is an example of handicap writing in SBOBET online soccer gambling where in 1 match 3 handicaps are offered which are free for you to choose which one would best suit your analysis.

The top handicap is a normal market, which is a recommended market for you to play because it’s not too risky. For example, if you choose the top market, it will read as follows:

Kei -1.18 will apply to Barcelona who will give 1 voor to Granada who get kei 1.08.
Bet if you place a bet of IDR 100,000 for Barcelona then you will win IDR 100,000 if Barcelona wins by 2 goals or more, or you will lose a bet of IDR 118,000 (100,000 x -1.18) if Barcelona wins by only 1 goal difference or ends in a draw or lose.
If you place a bet of IDR 100,000 for Granada then you will get IDR 108,000 (100,000 x 1.08) if Granada wins or at least draws, and you will lose a bet of IDR 100,000 if Granada loses the match by a difference of 2 goals or more.
For handicap writing on websites such as asian bookie or on the bookmarker market or non-Indonesian online soccer bookies, there will be slight differences where the value will be directly assigned to the underdog team, for example:

Manchester United (1 ½) vs Liverpool (0).
Where for MU will be given 1 goals before starting the match against the Liverpool team who is more seeded. So if you are going to place a bet on MU, it will be described as follows:

you will win when MU get a draw or win.
you will win when MU lose by only 1 goal difference.
You will lose when MU loses by 2 or more goals.
If you bet on Liverpool the result will be:

Win bets when Liverpool win by a goal difference of 2 or more.
Lose the bet when Liverpool lose or end in a draw.
Lost the bet when Liverpool won by only 1 goal difference.


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