Reddit Founder: Five More Years, Crypto Game Rules

  • January 6, 2022

Alexis Ohanian, co-founder of social media site Reddit, says the phenomenon of crypto-asset – based play-to-earn games will rule and become routine for players within five years.

“90 percent of people aren’t going to play a game unless they’re properly rewarded for their time,” explained the Seven Seven Six venture capitalist on an episode of the podcast Where It Happens .

He added, in five years people will value time correctly. Right now players are being harvested as victims of advertising or forced to pay dollars to buy digital goods they don’t actually own.

Instead, Ohanian said users will play the same exciting on-chain games but really gain value. The user will be the owner and producer of the harvest.

Play-to-earn games are a crypto-powered virtual world that is becoming popular around the world in 2021, especially in times of revenue-dragging pandemics.

World games such as Infinity and The Sandbox Axie wear crypto as currency in the game .

Gaming is one of the biggest uses in the metaverse , a virtual world that helps players build, own and profit from their gaming experiences using tokens within the gaming platform .

Interestingly, a quarter of previous Axie Infinity players did not have access to a bank account. That means the Axie wallet is the first financial service they have access to.

Crypto industry experts expect increased adoption by automate trading popular gaming franchises . More players will love the play-to-earn game in 2022.

In the metaverse sector , Decentraland (MANA) has the largest market cap among play-to-earn gaming tokens according to CoinMarketCap data.

In addition to the play-to-earn field, Ohanian makes two other predictions.

According to him, most people will participate in the DAO in the next five years. DAO is a term for a group of people who come together to achieve a common goal.

For example, ConstitutionDAO is a group that attempted to buy a copy of the US Constitution through an auction process even though they failed to win it.

“People won’t notice, the brand issue doesn’t matter. They won’t care because the user experience is bigger than anything,” Ohanian explained about DAO.

He thinks DAO will become commonplace. Although not everyone wears it, for general purposes, DAO will become a normal thing.

In addition, Ohanian thinks internet users will value online identities more than real identities.


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